The Madison Celebrates A Year of Giving at the Stroga Mansion with Madison & Mistletoe

The Madison Celebrates A Year of Giving at the Stroga Mansion with Madison & Mistletoe


White Ford Branco treated the young crowd to covers of their favorite 90’s hits

By Punch Correspondent Melinda Contreras

The Madison of Washington, DC is a professional, civic and social organization of 100 young women in the greater DC area who use volunteerism to improve their communities and enhance their lives. In order to make the greatest impact, the ladies of The Madison choose one cause each year to dedicate their fundraising and volunteer efforts to. (Of course the ladies of The Madison dedicate additional time to many other organizations throughout the year as well). In 2013, The Madison partnered with Crittenton Services of Greater Washington, an organization that empowers teen girls to overcome obstacles, make positive choices, and achieve their goals through programs in schools throughout the Greater Washington area.

On Saturday, December 7th, the ladies of The Madison used their annual holiday fundraiser, “Madison & Mistletoe” to celebrate giving back by taking guests back to young adulthood (and even childhood). Jars of gummy bears and sour patch kids served as centerpieces to the high top tables stationed near the bar and buffet.  White Ford Bronco put their spin on classic 90’s hits, including some of my favorites from Sheryl Crow and Hanson.


Covers of boybands including Backstreet Boys and Hanson had ladies jumping on the dance floor

This year, The Madison held their annual holiday party at Stroga, the yoga studio that moonlights as a Special Event Venue. The open setup of the event allowed guests to turn the entire ballroom in to a dance floor.


Alison and Andrew pose for a photo before taking over the photo booth


Alison & Co show the world (or at least their Facebook friends) what they’ve got


Confetti Poppers were a hit at Toy Box Production’s photo booth


Music by the White Ford Broncos was the only “prop” you needed to work this photo booth. Ladies danced to 90s tunes as Toy Box Productions recorded clips for slow motion playback

My favorite part of most events is usually the photo booth. Shortly after arriving, my guest and I asked Ian at Toy Box Productions whether our photo would be printed out or e-mailed to us. He said neither, and we thought, “what kinds of photo booth is this?” It’s basically the best photo booth around. Toy Box Productions, a video production company, takes video of guests in the photo booth space, and then turns your actions (dancing, cheering, confetti popping, etc) into a slow motions video. The final result from Madison and Mistletoe came out like this:

Madison and Mistletoe: slomo booth! from Toy Box Productions on Vimeo.

You can put down your phones and saves the Vine and Instagram videos for when there aren’t pros around.


Michelle, Katy, Kaitlyn, Jamie, Cassie, and one mystery woman


You can’t have a winter holiday party without a few little red dresses. The classic little black dresses balanced out the sea of red


Ladies love taking photos, and the gents in the crowd were quick to offer their photography services. Two cell phones at once? These guys are so efficient!


Smart men attend events organized by The Masidon

If you are interested in joining The Madison in their 2014 fundraising and volunteer efforts, you can visit for more information. The ladies of The Madison have chose Youth for Tomorrow as their partner for 2014.

About Melinda Contreras:
Melinda traveled cross country from a suburb of Los Angeles to attend college in DC, and has been enjoying DC ever since. As a Product Development Coordinator for Thinkfun, an Alexandria based company that creates "addictively fun games that sharpen your mind”, Melinda is often asked if her job is like the movie Big. Basically, yes. When not playing logic puzzles, Melinda likes to track down the coolest events in DC (along with the contests and giveaways that will get you in to them for free). You can find her tweeting about giveaways (and pizza) at @withabambipurse.
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