‘Tis the Season for a Yam and Pumpkin Peel at Celadon Spa & Salon

I was just carded at Whole Foods for purchasing a bottle of wine. Now, mind you, I used to get offended at anyone glancing over my face and auto-asking, “May I see your I.D. please?” I mean, come ON people. Do I look younger than 21? Seriously? Then one day I went from being inconvenienced and irked to well, flattered. After all, I’m 40-freaking-3 years old. So I thanked the woman and said, “It must be my new skin care regimen,” as I handed her my license.

It’s no secret, we have to work hard on our faces, our skin, our complexion, our wrinkles, our age spots, our sun damage, our breakouts…(women AND men) every day and every night.

I’m embarrassed to admit, but I might as well for these intents and purposes, that I have sun damage (oh blessed years of basking in the yellow rays, darn you!) and, wait for it… wait for it…nasty breakouts on my chinny chin chin. But while these may be the pinpricks which I face (pun intended), every person has their own skin challenges. With each decade comes a whole new set of obstacles to overcome, wrapped up neatly in a surprise package. So what is one to do? Back in my teenage years, I would just spend more time with Noxema on my face after a steaming, or create some homemade concoction with pantry items (much to my mother’s chagrin) to slather on my face, recipe found in Seventeen magazine of course. As adults, the best thing we can do to go into battle, is find a reliable aesthetician who listens to you as you talk about your skin problems, lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping habits, what makeup you wear, your current skincare regimen, stress, even how much you travel, and also what you love about your skin and its history good and bad (think of her as your skincare therapist). She should offer options and solid counsel and provide solutions not just for you while in the spa, but when you are home (or traveling) so you can have a realistic routine of which to abide.

At Celadon Spa & Salon, I hit pay dirt. My first facial there was with the owner Judith, who started me on Eminence Organic Skin Care from Hungary. Every day and night I’m now using the Eucalyptus Cleansing Concentrate and the Bright Skin Starter Set along with Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster Serum (for my troublesome chin). Weeks later, I’m set up for the Yam & Pumpkin Exfoliating Facial ($155 with all Eminence Organic Skin Care products) with Jacqueline, who is a “fan favorite”, and I understand why as soon as I meet her. Jacqueline is a straight-shooter with a high-energy demeanor, but who is extremely professional. She’s there to make my experience amazing at Celadon, but her larger mission is to make me look amazing, so I love my skin again. And let’s face it (pun again), there’s no better advertisement for a spa and aesthetician than that of a clear flawless face.

Jaqueline Boucher & Judith Koritsas of Celadon Spa and Salon
Jaqueline Boucher & Judith Koritsas

We start off with a quick re-cap of my last facial and talk about my sun damage (“Bright Skin seems to be working!” as she turns on the bright light and examines me carefully though magnification) and my chin breakouts. Jacqueline explains that the yam and pumpkin peel is very effective, but I will feel a prickly sensation, just a warning. She chose this particular facial to address my skin care concerns of Pigmentation, Hormonal Breakouts and Fine Lines. She begins by cleansing my skin with Lemon cleanser to remover any makeup. Then she exfoliates first with a Bright Skin Exfoliating Peel Pad followed by the Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel (looks like a Thanksgiving dish!) – both of these help with preparing the skin for any extractions and address fine lines and pigmentation by exfoliating the outer layer of skin cells and revealing younger fresher skin cells beneath. The reason for the prickles (which I definitely feel) is because pumpkin enzymes are filled with goodies for the skin. Besides allowing my pores to be more open which is great for extractions, they bring nutrients and vitamins (beta carotene and Vitamin A). Next, is the steam and she gives me a totally relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage (amaaaaaaazing) with Facial Recovery oil to soothe, repair, hydrate and rejuvenate. Then comes the uncomfortable part of any facial, but a most necessary one: the extractions, which clears me of icky blackheads. The masque step follows. Jacqueline uses Clear Skin Probiotic Masque containing yoghurt to nourish, stonecrop to brighten and heal, and tea-tree oil which is a natural antiseptic. Layered under this is a Calm skin serum containing Arnica which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, and Horse-chestnut which calms redness. We are almost finished, but first, she pulls out the high-frequency instrument which emits violet rays and has anti-bacterial and healing benefits. The final step is to finish with Bright Skin Moisturizer with SPF 30 to protect and Gigawhite which is a natural skin lightening compound. She dabs on Wild Plum eye cream to target dark circles and brighten undereye area as a finishing touch. It is suggested that one receive this facial treatment every 4-6 weeks to get continues corrective benefits. I absolutely suggest this facial for anyone dealing with the same kind of challenges.

at Celadon Spa & Salon
for the pumpkin lover in you to use at home

When I ask for advice to prevent cracking and painful dryness as the months get colder and the air drier, Judith, who meets me after my treatment says to up my moisturizing for sure. Also, serums are a skin saver. Try hyaluronic acid, she suggests, which has 100 x its own weight in water giving a plumping action to the skin. She suggests I still use the Clear Skin line and add a protective moisturizer with SPF. “Make sure you use SPF 365 days of the year,” she continues, “even if it’s cloudy out! Damaging rays get through the clouds.”

Next up, I get a body treatment which will ready me for the cold months ahead.

Celadon Spa & Salon is a Punch Partner and located at 1180 F Street, NW, Washington, D.C.  www.celadonspa.com

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