Tuesday Tasting of Midnight Moon Moonshine : Warming Our Insides

Midnight Moon Moonshine & Small Bites Tasting at Copperwood Tavern

part of the group receiving the moonshine education

Our friends at Shirlington Village’s Copperwood Tavern are doing their best to draw you out from your homes and into the warmth and coziness of this rustic and vast, yet intimate restaurant and bar. With a constant updating of comfort foods (laden with meats and unique sauces like “bison meatballs with huckleberry demi-glace”) and creative cocktails, the wintry menu is sure to tempt your palette and bring you back for more. Last evening, a friend and I ventured forth, out from the comfort of my apartment in below freezing temps, to taste moonshine. That’s right. MOONSHINE, baby. Every first Tuesday of the month, friends of the tavern are invited to a complimentary adult beverage and small bites tasting held at the back bar. It’s an education, trust me, we learned a lot about moonshine, but it’s also a fun little mixer with others from the neighborhood and other parts of town.

Midnight Moon Moonshine & Small Bites Tasting at Copperwood Tavern

the blackberry moonshine

Midnight Moon Moonshine & Small Bites Tasting at Copperwood Tavern

cranberry moonshine

The group of about 15 gathered in the back and started out with a small plate of True Farms arugula with roasted beets, shaved heirloom apples, candied walnuts, and a cranberry vinaigrette all connected on a forkful (course one of our mini-meal) before tasting our first sip of moonshine. This moonshine was from Midnight Moon Distillery, which is handcrafted in small batches, made from 100% all natural corn, triple-distilled and blended with ultra clean water that has been through a five-step filtration process. It’s smooth, it doesn’t knock you off your feet, but it does, as it’s 100 proof, remind you that you are drinking an adult beverage (it will warm your insides quite well). It’s also gluten free. Moonshine is making a comeback (or for some like me, a first time entrance), and the flavors are what is attracting many taste testers. We had Cranberry to start, then Blackberry and ended with the crowd favorite, Apple Pie. The girls next to us told us that they bought a bottle of the Apple Pie to a New Year’s Eve party to share with friends (fyi, great gift idea). The Apple Pie, Copperwood’s Will told us, was easy to make into a tasty sweet dessert cocktail. In fact, moonshine, like vodka, is easily the base of interesting mixed drinks.

Midnight Moon Moonshine & Small Bites Tasting at Copperwood Tavern

Look Ma! My first moonshine! (and I’m wearing my brand new jacket from The Tailored Man, thank you)

Midnight Moon Moonshine & Small Bites Tasting at Copperwood Tavern

our flavors for the evening

Midnight Moon Moonshine & Small Bites Tasting at Copperwood Tavern

obviously I loved the Apple Pie moonshine and scarfed down the bread pudding, sorry, not sorry

Our other bites included 1/2 of a bison meatball (love love love) which so you know, is an 80:20 blend making it leaner and better tasting. The meatballs at the tavern are hand rolled, smothered in huckleberry demi-glass and are from Smith Meadows farm in Virginia.

Lastly, with the Apple Pie, we popped in a mini-bread pudding, which consisted of challah bread backed with vanilla custard. I mean, can it get any better?

Keep checking Copperwood Tavern’s Facebook page and Twitter @copperwoodtav for future Tastings and specials. Want a new place to head for worthy brunch? Here’s a piece from Bitches Who Brunch on their take:  http://bitcheswhobrunch.com/copperwood-tavern-brunch/

Copperwood Tavern is located at 4021 Campbell Avenue. 703.552.8010 http://www.copperwoodtavern.com Farm to Table

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