Upcoming WHCAD #5, Clinton Millennium Network at the Hamilton, NYC’s The Great Gatsby Premiere, Trust Luncheon, Refugees International Dinner and …

Sometimes writing about life is really challenging when you are so busy out LIVING it. The more “seasoned” I get, it seems the more difficult it is. I suppose after now almost seven years of blogging, I have to remember the real reason I started: to share with my friends, family, clients, and colleagues what was going on and what things had happened. November 2006 was a frenetic time (I had no idea what was to come in the next few years, I didn’t even know that my world would turn upside down inside out and backward). I had a full time position as a Partner in an executive leadership events firm and its digital magazine, as the VP of Corporate Development, so blogging then was new and not yet even in fashion. For me, it was a fun solution.  I loved writing and by blogging, I would have one place to distribute my otherwise numerous outbound and incoming email responses containing of descriptions answers to “What happened last night?” and “What’s going on this week/month?”

Then life actually got in the way. Many have asked me, “How do you do it?” First, the Punch here and on the west coast has a fantastic hard working team who attend events, take photos, conduct interviews and proudly present their stories for publishing daily. I. Could. Not. Do. It. Alone.

The past few weeks have been more than frantic and tiring than ever (or am I just getting old?) hence the lag in my publishing because I’m a little slower on the uptake (I recall the nights I came home at midnight, uploaded my pictures and wrote my story before 2am and got up at 8am and bounced back to hit the ground running).  My evening engagements are going to be carved back a LOT. You see, I’m taking on a new business venture which will force my hand during the day. The team will continue to be just as diligent and we are always taking on new writers, so email me if you want to join!

Meanwhile … going back in time … and please indulge me ….

White House Correspondents’ Weekend Wrap Up #5 (The Finale): 

Thomson Reuters & Yahoo! News WHCAD Brunch atop the Hay Adams

Brad Race and Spike Mendelsohn of Good Stuff Eatery, We, the Pizza and the soon to be opened Bearnaise

The famous traditional McLaughlin Brunch was missing not only the infamous host’s name on the invite this year, it was actually missing John McLaughlin of The McLaughlin Group. The question of the hour, was “why is not involved this year?” The polished set of guests who dressed in glamorous hats, pastel ties, suits in soft and bright hues, flaunting designer bags and shoes, moved amongst each other Top the Hay-Adams Hotel “the morning after”. The weather could not have been better and the views and the mood in the matched appropriately. It was a civilized boozy foodie brunch hosted by Yahoo! News and Thomson Reuters. We were all about the champagne, the Bloody Mary’s, the post-weekend chat, and frankly, the Top Chef stalking. Local culinary heroes who had competed on the Bravo show were corralled behind their stations and tables, busy cooking up fresh demi tasses of soups, mini hammy sandwiches, delicate bacon and pork belly bites in “egg shells” with truffle, and more. And if your first, second and third trips to their crowded areas didn’t fill you up, there were the passed platters, the abundant cheese and seafood buffet, and the dessert and pastry tables overflowing with good, good, oh-so-bad for you sweet/carbs.

Thomson Reuters & Yahoo! News WHCAD Brunch atop the Hay Adams

a delicacy…

Thomson Reuters & Yahoo! News WHCAD Brunch atop the Hay Adams

…served up right by the chef

After we commandeered a table in the corner for some time (perfect for people watching the envious eyes of those doing their best to balance bountiful plates and champagne flutes) our group was off to the Nationals. And may I save myself from writing about the sad rainy loss our home team had.

Thomson Reuters & Yahoo! News WHCAD Brunch atop the Hay Adams

Mike Isabella of Graffiato, Bandolero, G, Kapnos and more

Next up Clinton Millennium Network comes to the Hamilton


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