Why U.R. Bath and Body Is No Ordinary Soap Story

By Punch Contributor Rebecca Norris, New York City

When it comes down to it, we all love a good bath. And when the products we use during that time come with a good cause, how could we resist?

That being said, without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to U.R. Bath and Body and its founder, Tracy Gunn.

Let’s start with a little back story: as a single mother of two, Tracy couldn’t bear the feeling of possibly being evicted and consequentially homeless following her layoff from a corporate job, so she was prepared to find a way to make ends meet until something else came along. As a result, she made a $32 investment in a small amount of soap making supplies to sell to her family and friends with the help of Facebook as a last-ditch resort to keep her family afloat.

URBThanks to the surprisingly quick success of her start-up, over the next year Tracy was able to continue to buy more and more supplies with the proceeds of previous sales and with the help of her two sons, turn the materials into a widely desired product that is available in over 1,000 stores nationwide. And just like that—along with a trip to a homeless shelter in the Bronx where a director would stop to talk to every woman to tell them “You are Amazing”, “You are Beautiful”, and so on, that inspired her choice in naming her company—U.R. Bath and Body was born. What began as a supplemental job until she found another career, quickly turned into the realization that she was never going to work for anyone but herself again.

As sales climbed with U.R., so did Tracy’s gratitude of never having to face her fear of becoming evicted, as a result she dedicated UR to empowering the homeless community. In order to keep her company as productive and true to its core as possible, Tracy has created a team of employees, mainly single mothers hired from within the homeless community. Additionally, in every town that they open a retail store, U.R. works with organizations, churches, shelters and government entities to get in touch with the best non profits in every city. Tracy explained that throughout the process of expanding her sales reach, she has been amazed at how every state is different in the way they combat the homeless problem—noting that the system is far from good and she’s thankful to be able to help in any way that she can. UR

Now a little on the product: all U.R. soaps and scrubs are loaded with nutrient rich coconut oil, shea butter and mango butter making for an extremely moisturizing lather during each use. Oh and did I mention that the scrubs are also infused with wine? Sounds like the perfect bath pairing, am I right, ladies? With a wide array of scents to cater to both men and women, there’s something for everyone!

Be sure to keep an eye out for a retail location opening near you, or click over to www.urbathco.com to pick your newest bath obsession today. Word to the wise: scoop a bar of the Intoxicated Soap; you’ll be in lathery heaven.

About Rebecca Norris: Rebecca Norris is a NoVA native who moved to New York to pursue her dreams of working in the magazine industry. With a background in health, beauty, fashion and food, her editorial prowess will keep you up to date with the latest must-try’s. Be sure to check out her personal blog at rebeccanorris318.wordpress.com.

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