Zaytinya Celebrates Ten Years

Zaytinya Celebrates Ten Years

Ferran Adria, Jose Andres, Zaytinya Head Chef Michael Costa, and Gaston Acurio. Photo credit  Freddie Lieberman.

Ferran Adria, Jose Andres, Zaytinya Head Chef Michael Costa, and Gaston Acurio Photo credit: Freddie Lieberman

Monday night, Think Food Group (TFG) celebrated as well as the man at the helm could do it: with a fun boisterous crowd, lots of wine, tasty seasonal concoctions, various wines, and lots and lots of good, and I mean GOOD good.

I have a feeling that every day, no make that every minute, José Andrés celebrates life to the fullest. The man exudes a vibrancy that if could it be bottled and sold, we’d all be drinking the Kool Aid.  He also is full of rock star power-as he moved amongst the throngs of fans (made up of media, investors, supporters, friends, and industry folks) it was if his entrance and his walk through the crowd at Zaytinya (one of my favorite places) rivaled that of Tiger Woods. He’s going to need security someday, all though, José seems to be a man of the people, goal-oriented, not to get stopped for too long so as to detract from his purpose, but he also knows how to keep his fan base satiated.

Zaytinya 10 years

just a little bite of foie gras...


Zaytinya 10 years

I stuck with red wine, but people loved the cocktails ....

And so, with wines and cocktails with thyme sprigs (or rosemary? I don’t even know the difference) and platters of foie gras, and plenty of other meaty delights, we all celebrated TEN years of being fed at Zaytinya.  Heather Freeman (whose firm handles José’s PR), Stephen Ball from Dining Bisnow and I were remarking on how quickly ten years can go by.

Zaytinya 10 years

a friend's plate filled with good stuff


Zaytinya 10 years Sonya Gavankar McKay

Sonya Gavankar McKay

Zaytinya 10 years Stephen Ball and Heather Freeman

Stephen Ball and Heather Freeman

José graced everyone with one of his famous and humbling speeches, thanking everyone from his first investors, his friends, and especially his chef and staff of Zaytinya.  He talked of Think Food Group and got us all excited for the raffle where if you pay $20, you could win a GI-normous bottle of wine and a few other prizes. I’m still waiting for my winning email …. sigh.

Cheers to José and Zaytinya and we’ll be back many more times before 2022.

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