Zeel Massage On Demand in D.C.

The year is 2016 and we modern humans not only expect everything to be found at our fingertips, we demand it. In fact, if it isn’t available as an app or delivered to our at-that-very-second GPS location, or integrated into every other social media section of our lives, then we don’t stamp our foot and whine, we simply blink and move on to the product or service that does. Today, we stream our visual entertainment on mobile devices, use Uber, which is now a verb, not just a company (what’s a taxi?), and have anything and everything plopped in front of us by way of millions of apps. We want for nothing. We are very, very, very spoiled.

Hell, if I want people to pick up my dry-cleaning, walk my dog, scour my sink, wash my hair, fix my iPhone, and hand the hottest Starbucks to me at exactly 8:06am, I can. With these on demand make-your-life-easier-and-more-cost-effective solutions also comes on demand at home and on locations massages, because let’s face it. Having everyone else do everything for you personally just opens the door to having more time to work and get fit, so now you NEED a massage (more stress and strain on your mind and muscles!). And why not have it delivered to your home so you can just roll off the massage bed and into your own sleeping comforts?

zeel_app-promoI have friend who has made a standing appointment with her husband for a couples massage Sunday evenings at 9pm after the kids go to bed. “I down a big glass of water after and get into bed. It’s the most relaxing way to end the weekend and be prepared for the week ahead.” 

True, there is something magical about that luxury-except it’s not considered a luxury across the U.S. anymore. It’s all over and Zeel Massage is just the latest of these companies to enter the D.C. market by storm (and even during the storm.). Found in over 12 major metro areas and their surrounding cities, Zeel boasts nearly 5,000 Massage Therapists nationwide, and is considered the first, largest, and fastest-growing on-demand massage company in the United States.

I booked my first Zeel Massage, a 60 minute Swedish massage for noon last Tuesday. It was simple and quick to book and I immediately got a text message giving me the name of my therapist. The day before the appointment I got another text as a friendly reminder, then the day of, a heads up as to when my therapist would arrive. She even rang me to let me know she would be there in about 5 minutes. I was prepared as they had asked me to be with 2 sheets and a pillow case. My therapist arrived, was professional and set up the table and inquired if I wanted my own music or hers. I chose hers and she exited the room so I could undress and get on the table. She announced the exact time of the massage commencement and when it would be finished. That was actually helpful, you know sometimes don’t you think, Hmm. Was that “really” a full 60 minutes? You know you have… Zeel-app-DeepTissue

Her expert hands and technique kneaded out the stresses of my laptop/iPhone positioning in my shoulders and she worked over my legs, which had been spinning round and round in SoulCycle and shaking in Pure Barre. It was over, she cleaned up and was out. Quick and easy. And I never had to leave my apartment!

Zeel Massages are available in as little as an hour – or up to 30 days in advance – from booking, to homes, hotels, workplaces, and events. Zeel Massage Therapists bring the massage table and spa music – everything needed to turn a living room or bedroom into a spa.

The luxury of Zeel Massage On Demand is available to customers 7 days week, 365 days a year
– including holidays. Zeel Massages can be booked through the Zeel app for iPhone and Android and on zeel.com, for start times as early as 8:00 am and as late as 10:30 pm.

Zeel Massage options include Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, sports, and couples massage; 60- minute, 75-minute, and 90-minute massages are all available.

Book with confidence; Zeel Massage Therapists are fully vetted, experienced at the finest establishments, background-checked, and licensed in their state of practice.

For committed massage lovers who’d rather subscribe to massage than a cheese-of-the-month- club, Zeel also offers the first and only in-home premium massage membership, Massage Zeelot, which includes a Zeel Massage a month for a year, a free professional-grade massage table, and many other benefits. But Zeel isn’t table-only. Zeel Chair Massage, perfect for workplaces, conventions, and events, is available nationwide.

President’s Day Weekend SPECIAL: 
Saturday 2/13 through Monday, 2/15: Enjoy a relaxing long weekend: $25 off all massages for new customers with code PRES2016 ; $15 off for existing customers with code PDW2016

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